Urgent - On L1A, Company sending back to India, current H1B on RFE?

Hi Sauraubh,

Currently we are in L1B with Company A and had filed H1B with Company B. We have received an RFE with a reply date on Oct 30th. Company B is saying they will respond to RFE later to meet the Oct 30th deadline to avoid further questions.

The current project is ending and Comp A is sending my friend back this month.

  1. Can you pls. clarify whether there is any issue on H1B processig if he is in India since its a CoS to H1B.

Since I-94 is not exist anymore, some people are saying this may move to next year. is that so?

Pls. Advise

Get it premium processed…I dont understant what Oct 30th deadline for RFE is your lawyer talking about. even if they send you back you can get your visa stamped and come back . otherwise you will be 2 months ot of status

I think the RFE has a response deadline of Oct 30th.