Urgent :: new cap h1b petition with client letter project end date before oct1


Need suggestion for the below scenario. Very Urgent. Please answer.

  1. My wife’s employer is planning to apply for Cap H1B Petition with COS starting Oct 1, 2019

  2. We got Vendor Letter stating that she is working at XYZ Client.

  3. We also got Client letter from XYZ, but the project end date is specified as Aug 31,2019

  4. We do not have any SOW or contract agreements b/w Vendor and Client XYZ.

Considering this, what would be the best option ? To include/ not include the Client Letter ? If we apply H1B without Client Letter, is there any chance of direct denial ?

Please let me know. Thank you !

No, you will get an RFE.

Dont use that client letter. since you dont have time to file, file it without the client letter and be ready with the client letter, SOF etc to respond to the potential RFE