Urgent Need Help - Have Project Looking for H1b

Hi all,

I am working at a bank in New York as a data analyst, which is a consulting role. My current agency cannot sponsor me H1B. But they can do C2C.

Actually, I have several questions.

  1. can I find a consulting company file me H1B, but C2C starts from October.

  2. If the consulting company file me H1b based on my current project, can i change project/client from April to October?

  3. Can I go through multiple consulting company file me H1, but base on the same project?

  4. When I go through consulting company, should I pay all the application fee, one consulting company said the total fee would be from my pocket.

Please kindly help!!! Much appreciated!!

Send me your contact info, I will talk to somebody who may be able to help you.

Site Admins: Pl allow this user to pass on the contact info so that I can help them.


email me on peedeeex009 google mail