Urgent ---L2 Interview Question for Male

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Glad to see highly interactive responses and treasure of information. Kudos to all of you.

Also I am here to seek some expert opinion/advice to provide more clear & concise answer.

  1. Why do you have to go to the US on L2?

    All the recent travels of mine was on B1

  2. Will you work in U.S?

Though I know, I can work after getting EAD Approved for L2…what should be the Best short answer to this Question in terms of Yes/No to make answer short.

This year, since I work in s/w project managerial role and happen to travel for U.S last couple of months (~5 months collectively) on my recent 3 business short trips (2 business trips in 2016 and 1 business trip in 2017) on B1 Visa due to my current job requirements. Does this have any impact?

  1. What you will do in U.S? Can I say since we have 5 year old daughter, one of us need to take care of her and decided yet about any work plan.

  2. Do you plan to quit current job before you go?

5 How long will you stay in US?

  1. What is your highest educational qualification? I have done Engineering (Full time) and also PGDBM (Post graduation Diploma in Business management as evening scholar).

I am not sure, U.S Immigration officer can understand & recognize PGDBM (though equivalent to MBA in U.S, but at my location, some of the university provide certificate as PGDBM not as MBA). What could be best answer rather in this case to avoid any misunderstanding/misleading?

  1. How will you spend your time the whole day when your spouse (wife) is at work?

  2. What action will you take once your visa expires?

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