Urgent: L2 - EAD, Name correction on card and notice


My L2 EAD was approved and I received the  notice and card last week but there is a spelling mistake with my name on both, the EAD card and the EAD notice. They have missed out one letter in my first name.  I verified all the documents I had provided along with the application and the mistake is not from my side and it is from USCIS.  I have a few concerns regarding this.

	What are the next steps I should take to get the name corrected in the notice and the card? 

	I will be travelling out of the US for 2 weeks this month. If I apply for correction now, will it be a problem that I might not be in US when they are re-processing my application?

	Is it  alright to apply for the correction once I am back from vacation with my new I94? Or would that be considered as a new application?

	Is it ok to apply for jobs now with the copy of the current EAD stating that I have applied for correction of name? 

Please help as soon as possible. Any help will be appreciated.

  1. File an application w/ USCIS

  2. They would need an active I-94 while processing the EAD. So if you leave US, your I-94 gets closed/changed and may impact EAD processing.

  3. Yes, this should be the prefered option

  4. Yes. The difference is trivial and should not impact your ability to find jobs and pass immigration checks.