URGENT - L1/L2 to H1, Traveled while COS was pending

Hi All,

Our L1/L2 >> to >> H1-B petition was applied as COS application. Due to some reasons we traveled back to India, while the petition was still in pending. We re-entered US on our original L1 and L2 visa. 


Now, we have received our H1-B approval notice along with I-94 attached to it, which matches to our old I-94 (Before India Trip). Since we left USA while COS was pending, our petition was supposed to be approved as consular petition and COS was to be abandoned, but now we have received new I-94.


Here is the confusing situation and questions :


1) What is my current status? L1/L2 or H1B?


2) Will last action rule be applied to this case? What will be considered as last action (My new I-94 on passport / I-94 with extended stay validity received along with petition matching I-94 number before India trip.)


3) Can we apply for C-o-S and hence receive extended I-94 matching to one on my passport? 


4) Can we go to Canada and re-enter in USA on our original L1/L2 status and then apply for C-o-S again? Do we get new I-94 when we visit Canada with a purpose of tourism and our travel is less than 3 days?


My current L1/L2 and current I-94 expires on Jan 2013. H1B petition is approved from Oct-2012 to Sept 2015.


Please advice!