URGENT: Inquiry regarding H1b cap exemption eligibility

My H1B petition was approved from Oct 2005 and my H1B visa was valid till March 2008 . I travelled on that H1B for 15 months till Oct 2007.

After almost 3+ years I travelled twice to US on L1B visa for a total of less than 2 years and continued to be in US now on L2 visa for more than a year now (w/o work permit).

Please let me know if :

  1. I eligible for cap-exemption for year 2014?

  2. If I find an employer, can processing for H1B start right away?

  3. How long H1B cap exemption would apply?

  4. How long would I be able to work if I am H1b cap exempt? Does L1/L2 visa play any role in this?

Thanks a lot.

  1. NO

  2. NO, U must go thru Cap-Subject Petition

  3. NA

  4. NA