Urgent Information Required: H1B VISA Related

I have H1-B valid till 2015 and working for an company A in USA. Now, I was looking for a JOB change and I got offer from company B. They started my VISA transfer after I accepted the offer and filed the petition and shared the receipt copy.

Now my concern is, if I will not join company B and will continue with A. Also, during my visa extention with company A, should I have to share petiton copy which shared by company B. OR what will happen if I don’t want to inform company A about VISA transfer case with company B.

Is there any posibility to get RFE on my VISA extention with company A or VISA Rejection ?

Kindly suggest.

Dont worry, these two doesnt impact one other. You can continue to work with any employer who has filed and got the receipt notice(or approval) of H1B. You can own any number of H1B petitions approved/in process at any time. Its the problem of your employer, its not a problem for you. All you need is at least one H1B employer employs you and pays you as per the H1B terms and conditions… at any time. (its just like getting multiple job offers… do you need to tell your current employer that you are attending interviews for your next job? This is also similar to that).

Thanks for the information.

I would like to know that during my VISA extention with my current employer, do I have to submit new I-797 petition/receipt which was filed by another employer.

Not required.
Not required.