Urgent help/suggestion required regarding Client Letter

I have my Visa interview scheduled early next week and the only document which I don’t have is Client letter. My company has provided me all other supporting document like MSA/SOW etc etc but client letter they are not able to provide me due to;

Currently I don’t work for that particular client, but they have processed my visa anticipating that I will be working for them in future. Also the clients won’t provide the letter until and unless we work for them for few days/months.

What I am hearing is that anticipatory visa will not be provided, so I am little worried that my stamping would get rejected.

So I need expert advice in this matter like how I can answer the interviewer when they ask me for client letter. Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.

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If they ask about it, you can say that client doesn’t issue any such letter. They issue MSA/SOW etc in lieu of it, but not the client letter.

If the client has mentioned the same in an email to the employer, then carry a copy of that email.