Urgent help required – Designation mismatched (H1B)


I am working with IT Company and in our company there are designations like  “Analyst  Programmer”, “Project Lead”, “Project Manager”… etc.

As per H1B Petition request letter to CIS officer issued by my company, position offered to beneficiary is “Analyst Programmer” also same is mentioned in I-129 as Job Title.

[b] But my actual designation is ”Project Lead” hence I mentioned the same in DS160 form.[/b]

[b] Will it create any problem? As it is not matching with Job title specified in I-129[/b].

At the time of stamping interview if officer ask me about my designation what should be my answers?

My stamping is scheduled on end of the next week, I am very confuse because of this mismatch, Please suggest any solution,  if it will creates issues in stamping procedure.

 Thanks in advance.

Did they submit Analyst Programmer to reduce the salary mentioned in the LCA and fool the system?

Thanks! Saurabh for your reply.
By mistake they mentioned my designation as “Analyst Programmer” instead of PL in I-129.

Even they told me to mention US salary as per PL in DS160 which is also not matching with I-129.

What should I answer at the time of stamping interview?

Kindly reply ASAP.

As the salary for PL is more than that for AP, there may not be a big concern. As long as the offered/mentioned salary is more than salary quoted in LCA, it should be fine. I am not sure about the designation thing. If the officer notices this, they can ask you to file new LCA for the new role followed by H-1 amendment. You will have to check w/ your attorney on this.

As per foreign travel cell of my company, I should answer as below.

  1. What is your designation?
    Ans: PL, but at onsite I will perform Job as per AP.

2.What will be your designation at onsite?
Ans: AP

  1. What will be your salary at onsite?
    Ans: PL Salary

Please suggest/correct if you think otherwise.

If this is what they are suggesting, then that’s your best option going forward.

Did it create any issue after you answered what was suggested by foreign travel cell of your company?

When I have applied for H1B my designation was Senior Developer and recently I have got promoted to Technical Lead and I have mentioned Technical Lead in my DS-160 form but LCA and I-129 form has Senior Developer.

Please suggest if the suggestion of foreign travel cell worked.