Urgent help on DS-160 form

Myself (on h1b) and my wife (h4 visa) both are traveling to India. I have filled two DS-160 forms. In both the form’s I have mention that our child ( US Citizen) name under “Persons Traveling with You”. We are going to use Dropbox IWP for both of us (h1b, h4 extension from new employers).

So is there problem because we have mention about of US Born baby under traveling information. Since its drop box so USCIS may delay our stamping and may ask about our child documents. In the dropbox IWP, i know they wont accept any documents of our child. In interview we can show baby passport but in dropbox we dont have any option to tell that child is US Citizen. Any issues here. because we have only 2 weeks in India to get Visa stamp.

Thanks in advance.

That should be ok and will not be an issue.

So did you mention your US born name in “Persons Traveling with You” section in DS160? I am on the same boat. Please suggest.