Urgent help needed on L1 to H1B transfer issue

I am on L1A with my current employer(A) since 2009 and got my first extension approved by 2012 Aug which is valid till Aug’2014. So initially I had my L1B stamped which was valid till 2012 Aug and then in 2012 I was moved to L1A and got extension for next 2 years which is till 2014 Aug. But after getting L1A approval I did not go out of US and hence I don’t have this as stamped.
So right now I have an approved L1A extension petition and valid I94 till Aug’2014.

Meanwhile another company(employer B) applied my H1B this year which got approved this week post RFE and I came to know on yesterday. The issue is that new employer never informed or updated me about the RFE was responded and so on. Now he is telling me that I have to leave my current job within 30 days but they don't have any projects ready for me right now. So he does not have job and he can not pay me either.

Actually I am really not even ready to leave my current employer at this moment and I want to retain my L1A status. Current Employer will file another extension by 2014 Feb for next 2 years as L1A has 7 yrs.

Can anyone suggest me on what should I do to retain my L1 status active? should I immediately go back to India and go for stamping against my L1A petition? And then enter back to US on L1A?

I have spoken to 3 immigration lawyer and got different kind of responses which made me confused. 
I really need help to understand the process and decide my next action on this. Although I am leaving for India this week itself. Worst case, I need to ask my current employer to apply for COS which I don't want to do at this moment.


Please help with your advise if you can.

Thank you everyone for your time.