Urgent- H1B initiated for this year but need to travel on H4


My fiance is on H1b in US and I have found a sponsor who will be filing for my H1b visa in 2016. We intend to get married in June 2016.

Please answer my below questions:

1)Assuming my visa gets picked in lottery and I get married in June 2016, can i travel to USA with my husband on H4 and do a COS from USA and then go back and get stamping done in India to start working on H1B from October?

  1. Or should i wait in India till Oct 2016 and then fly to US after my H1 stamping assuming visa gets picked in lottery?

Will option 1 work since I want to go back with my husband after marriage?

You can travel to US on H-4, and later apply for COS or enter US on stamped H-1 visa in order to work on it.