URGENT - Employer not paid salary for last 5 months.

I came to US in last week of December 2014 as my Petition is valid from 1st Jan 2015. Since then my employer has not paid any salary till date. Now he is saying that he is not having any project and the project which he has shown to me was a fake project. He charged $5000 from me saying that this is the fees for H1B has to be paid by employee.

In January 2015, I got my SSN, In Feb 2015, I got my Driving License and my Bank Account in BOA.

Should I approach the Department of Labor? If yes then what will be the consequences?

All your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Hi - I understand this must be a very difficult time for you. Really depends on how far you want to take this. Before complaining to DoL I would suggest you get a consultation from a good lawyer. This is because you yourself broke the law as well by paying your employer. You really do want to protect yourself. Usually DoL & DoJ are more interested in the Employer than you. Another option is to give up on this and go back home.

I’d reccomend you read these indictments: http://www.justice.gov/file/patelhiralandmohtashikhacomplaintpdf/download

A few employees themselves helped the DoJ here. Just putting it here for reference, you really don’t know what would happen in your case.