Urgent ds 160 application for parents visitor visa

Sign and submit section of the ds-160 does it need to be filled by parents in india.
Even though they are self sponsoring for the trip, they do not have computer knowledge. can the daughter fill out the online application and “sign and submit” the form online.
or does it have to be signed by parents only?

there is only option for travel agents to do “sign and submit” but there is no column for daughter or son to do “sign and submit” section ?

You can submit on their behalf, but you need to declare that you have filled it and submitted. It may not explicitly say Son or daughter, if there is an option for third party user, you can use that option and submit on their behalf. You will need to enter your details in there as the filled person.

But “Sign” whose “Passport/number/TravelDocument” - whose information should be entered there?

Is it ok to sign on behalf of the applicant(parent)

It will be your info. See below from DS-160: Frequently Asked Questions

But it does not say anywhere that the " Daughter" or "Son " can sign the form.

It only says they can assist in filling the form for their parents.

I read the FAQ again in screenshot above and link. There will not be any Son or Daughter named columns there. On the Sign and Submit page, you need to enter details as you are the third party helping fill the application and for sign application button, they need to click it.

thanks. Even though we fill in the details as third party preparer , But parents do not have access to internet or computer in India. So can the preparer also click the “Sign” button and enter their parents passport information and parents name is the question.

Well, I understand the situation. But, technically, you should give them guidance and they should click it as per the guidance…