URGENT : COS from F2 to F1 in one month


 Need Suggestion: IT IS URGENT

  I am on F2 visa in USA and got admission in one of the university for Winter 2013. However by the time I furnish all the financial document and get my I20 it will be late November. So I will be left with only 1 month for changing status from F2 to F1 before I WInter 2013 semester.  Do you have any suggestions how can I proceed with COS and get it done for Winter 2013? I am thinking to go to India(Chennai) for F1 visa interview/stamping. Is it possible to get F1 visa if I go to India for stamping within one month? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Apply as soon as you can, to get it soon. Nothing can be done to speed up the process.

If you are leaving to India, there is no need to apply COS as your COS application will be nullified once you leave the country.

Book the appointment for the interview soon before you leave US, I think you should be good if you have the documents necessary ready like the certificates, financial proof documents etc.