Urgent Clarification Solicited Please, Please , Please, Please

Dear Saurabh,

Please, please please respond quickly as I have to quickly decide whether the information provided to me by my H1B petitioner is true.

Let me first give the background of my understanding of USCIS FY:

FY 2012 means - Petition filing started Apr 2011 & Cap reached November (22nd or 23rd). Candidates with accepted petitions can start working 1st Oct 2011 at the earliest.

FY 2013 means - Petitions started 2nd Apr 2012 (1st being Sunday) & quota reached June 2012. Candidates with accepted petitions can start working from 1st Oct 2012 at earliest.

[b]Question 1. Is my understanding of fiscal years correct? Am I right about the H1B quota caps reaching dates/months too? and also the earliest employment start dates correct?[/b]

Now, I move to the main question and my [b]Biggest Concern[/b], which is just not clear to me. For this part I will give two EAC receipt (I797 Receipt) Numbers with all the details:

[b]1. EAC120ABCDEFG[/b] - Filed on 18th Nov 2011, approved 25th April 2012.([b]I have a screen shot of this petition after it was accepted in November and as for approval it[/b][b]can be checked on USCIS website)[/b]

[b]2. EAC-12-ABC-DEFGH[/b] - Filed on 16th Apr 2012; Approved on 17th Sept 2012. [b]I have EAC receipt notice for filing date & again USCIS for post decision activity/ approval).[/b]

[b]Question 2: My querry is What does the first two numericals after the alphabet denote (i.e, 12 in both the I797 receipt notices)?[/b]

[b]If it means the FY ie FY2012, then the second petition filed (mentioned above)could not have been filed on 16th Apr, 2012 as the cap was already reached in November 2011 &[/b]

[b]if it means the year when it was filed then the first one should be EAC 11, instead of 12 &[/b]

[b]if it means the earliest employment commencement year (Oct 2012) then again the first petition could not have been accepted as acceptance/ applications for the petitions for "Oct 2012 till cap completion" (ie, FY 2013 again) started on 2nd Apr 2012.[/b]

[b]Question 3: There still is one possibility though that one of these petitions was filed in "Out of Cap" category (for FY 2011 and FY2012, respectively). But how to know that from the I797 receipt notice &/or from the USCIS website? as I could not find any difference in both.[/b]

Please helm me ASAP as I have to decide if I am provided any forged document/information.

To Clearify ‘12’ in receipt does not mean it is for that FY12 there is some sequence that USCIS system follow and it is not mapped with year.

as in my case also it is for FY13 and having ‘12’

Again you should edit your question and remove your receipt number and avoid providing in public forum

Thank you very much sir. I really appreciate your prompt reply and the concern you have shown. I already have edited it now, it was just that I made this silly mistake as I was too panicky & jittery. I will remember in future not to be so impulsive and to think before providing any information on the public platform.
Thanking you once again.