URGENT Can I travel to India and Come back to India before 1 month of visavalidity

Hello All,

Please let me know if i can travel to India in Sept 1st week and return by Sept 3rd week ,since my L1 visa is valid till Oct 24th only , i am a bit worried if this will create any problem in immigration?

Please some one help me , i cannot avoid this travel due family priority as well worried is it going to block me , since i am not settling anything here and leaving.

Please early responses will help me



Talk to your L1 employer legal support. Technically, you can travel even on the last day of your valid visa. But logically, you should be able to answer why you are traveling with near soon expiring visa at POE(Port or Entry). If you dont have a proper documentation(like your expiring visa is under its extension process OR any other valid reason supporting your travel close to the expiration of the visa), it may be a problem at POE.