Urgent - Can I file H1 while on CPT


I am an MBA graduate currently working on OPT. My OPT is expiring on March 31st and my employer can file my H1 in April. I am currently looking for options to change my status to CPT so that I can continue my job and my employer can file my H1. Is this a valid change of status and would it impact H1 filing and approval? Also, i am opting for Computer Systems Institue, Chicago IL, where they are providing CPT from day 1. Need inputs on this at the earliest.

Be very careful when going to schools offering CPT from day 1. In the past people have got into trouble so talk to an attorney about it and not rely on what school is telling you.

So in your case, you will get an I-20 from the school (which doesn’t involve any COS as your current status is still F-1) and an employer will file H-1 w/ COS on April 1. I don’t think they will run into issues b/c of each other. You can enroll in school once your I-20 has been instantiated, and when COS is approved you can start working on H-1 (from Oct 1). For CPT, I will defer to an attorney.