Urgent - Can I file DS 160 while just got e-mail confirmation of approval for premium processing?


My employer changed my petiton from “regular” to “premium” processing and now tey have got e-mail from USCIS saying that the “case was approved” and approval notice (Form I-797) has been sent to them throguh mail. I heard that it can take 7-10 days to reach the hard copy to my employer.

I am currently in India and my question is that can I file DS 160 and shedule an appointment for visa interview in India since it takes around 15-17 days wating time?

Also should I need to carry original (hard copy) of approval notice (Form I-797) to the interview in India or just a scan copy print out will do?

Please help urgently!!

Thank you,


You can submit the DS-160 and take an appointment say after 15-17 days, hoping that your I797 will reach by that time. Please note that you need to carry original I-797 while appearing for interview.

So in case your I797 does not reach in 2-3 weeks (which is rare) the option you have is to reschedule.

So my advise is you submit your DS-160 and take an appointment after 20 days to ensure that you have I797, instead of taking next available appointment day, keep 20 days gap.