Urgent Assistance need on H1B extension

a) I am currently working on a H1B visa that expires on 6-Feb-2013.I am also applying for an extension .The attorney asked me for a MSA , SOW or End Client letter .I was able to provide MSA . My SOW expires on March-18-2013 and also my client wants to get me a letter with date mentioned.Can I use them both for the same and my LCA is valid 2016.

b) During extension is there a possibility for me to file another LCA from my organization for working in another project and then submit my documents from the new client.

Since my petiton is expiring soon I request you to respond me ASAP.

  1. Yes, you can use the letter provided by the client which has the end dates

  2. Yes, they can file LCA for another project and then amend the H-1 extension petition to use the new LCA. The other thing they can do is to let the current extension petition proceed and once approved file for H-1 amendment. You can check w/ your attorney about it.