Urgent advise/help needed - Can travel to India and getting VISA stamped is risk or 100% safe?

Need urgent advise - I am in USA and my current H1 VISA and I-94, both are expired and my extension is filed under Premium and is Approved today and approval notice is emailed by USCIS today.

If I travel to India in this week, then is there any risk in travelling to India and getting VISA stamped. I am worried because most of my company’s fresh H1B VISA candidates are getting 221G form and not getting H1B VISA stamped. Can this happen in my case too? Please advise…

ALso it takes how many days to get approval hard copy in hand as that is needed for VISA stamping in India? PLease advise.

No one can predict 100% surety about successful visa stamping.

If you are eligible for interview waiver program, you should receive the stamped passport within 1 week. If 221g is issued, then it can take few weeks to several months.

What’s the cause of 221gs for other employees?

I am working for Syntel and there are many fresh H1 VISA cases who got 221g and not sure about the causes.

MY case is I-797 approved and going for vacation for few weeks (attending marriage), can I get 221g while VISA stamping. Also to mention that my wife and child already went to India and its same case for all, so we all 3 will have to go together for stamping, please advise.

If the 221gs are related to the company, then it may impact you as well. If the other 221gs are related to specific employee profile etc, then it shouldn’t be a big concern to you.

Is your current visa stamp through same employer? When did it expire?

Yes VISA stamp is through same employer but expired in 2013 (2 years ago).
My company’s 50% fresh H1 VISA stamp cases are going on hold with 221g, please advise my case it is not fresh case and just vacation travel to India and hence VISA stamping.

ok. So you don’t qualify for interview waiver program and need to appear in person.

Like I said earlier, if the issue is related to specific employee and skill sets, then it may not impact you. Still have contingency plans in case you run into 221g issues.

My company’s other 221g cases are mainly related to client letter and few other documents. Can we categorize this in employee related or employer related. PLease advise and % is around 50%-60% 221g cases of my campany while stamping.

As you are already on a project etc, it should not impact you. Carry documentation related to your client, project.

Thanks. My office travel team is suggesting me that its totally US consulate decision, so better not to take risk and cancel your travel plans if not emergency. Please advise.

That’s your call. If you have reasons to travel, then you should travel.