Updating employer information in college portal - F1 OPT, H1B?


If I don’t update employer information to college and get pay check, I mean second employer information , first employer information already updated

If I don’t update second employer information doesn’t it affect me later down the line

Because second job will be for 2 months only

Will USCIS get update ?

I know it’s awkward to ask just checking

No, you need to update it as soon as anything changes. Even, if is 15 days or 10 days, you still need to capture the entire flow of your employment. Yes, if in future USCIS asks for it, you will need to provide details. You should keep it up to date. Talk to your DSO, if you have missed updating anything and make sure you update everything. Also, keep all documentation. The reason for all of this is, in future, if they ask for any query during H1B application regarding your status, you should have proof of everything.

Thank you, I will do it

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