UPDATES for June Application Anyone?


I was wondering, have anyone of you received any response for application which was received at California Center in the month of June.

Mine was received on 7th June, and it is 60days and I haven’t even heard back from anyone!!

Would appreciate if you respond




I know many people who are working with me have their petition filled with June first week. There is no updates other than the intial review for those people. I could see the people who filled in the month of april getting slowly moved.



Hi Vivek,

How are you checking the approvals (people who filled in the month of april getting slowly moved), from any website?

My petition also filed on 17th May 2012 at WAC under regular processing… no update till now…!!!

Under my employer we have close 300 Plus petitions filed starting from April 1 st to June 11th. So we have list of people with case number maininted by our employer we all check. :slight_smile: