Unusal H1B & B2 Visa question

Hi ,
Case : I have both b1/b2 and Unused H1B visa stamped (Stamped on September 2013), valid through October 2016.

i) For family reasons i want to travel to US on B2 tourist visa for a week during October 1st week and return back to India.
Question :- Now since i am traveling on B2 ,will my H1B stamped gets cancelled .
Will there be any problems to H1b Visa during return to US after a while.

ii) During the week on November i wish to travel on H1B .
Question :- Whats are the legal ,immigration problem which is foreseen .

I can’t niether push B2 travel to november or cant travell on H1B before November because i have to serve 30 days notice with current employer.

One can concurrently hold two different types of visas.

In yr case I see no problem.

Travel first on B2 visa and later on H1 visa without any problem