Unpaid internships and bench period during OPT


I have stamping in November. I am FTE and worked for this company since 1 year both on OPT and H1B. Before joining this company, I have worked as a consultant on OPT. I was paid regularly except for the period of training and bench, which was around 2 months. Should that cause any problem for my stamping? Or should I mention my start date as the date I started my project in DS-160? Also I did some unpaid internships while on OPT. Should they be mentioned as previous work experiences? If mentioned, will they cause any problems.

A person is allowed to be unemployed on OPT for at most 90 days. As you were unemployed for 60 days, you are legally fine. I suggest entering correct dates and carry information for the time on OPT when you were actually paid. In other words, you should have documents to show that you were not unemployed for 90 days.