University Transfer in USA. How does this effect CPT or OPT?


I’m an international student (from INdia) currently in third semester of my masters program. I was in probation in first semester and couldn’t come out of it in the second semester. I was disqualified and I applied for reinstatemnent and now am continuing my third semester. If I cannot come out of probation even now I’ll not have another chance for re-instatement. Before that I would like to make preparations before bad things happen. I’m currently in public university right now and I want to transfer to other university where I’ll now have problems with CPT/OPT and which will not effect my H1 in future.

I have ITU, San jose in mind. But please help me in choosing a univ with low tuition. Also what’re the possible ways I can save my self if I fail to come out of probation even after this semester. Any helpful comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry to hear about your present situation. Come to Colorado and we will take care of your troubles. It is a beautiful place to live, study and work happily. I will need more details on your situation but these should be discussed in confidence. You must begin dialog with our school DSO immediately. Please email me at

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;