Undertook written statement

221(g) Blue slip

Attended h1 visa interview at Chennai and received 221g blueslip asking for updated client letter A.
My approved h1 petition expires in SEP 2023.
I was working for Client X from March to November 2018. My H1b was filed based in Client X.
In April 2018 my H1b got picked and got RFE in Nov 2018.
I did not knew what actually RFE is about. when I asked my Employer, he said it is related Company. Do not worry, you will get an Approval. I did get approved in Jan 2019
My RFE was filed based on Client B and my employer never mentioned it. I attended visa interview on March 25 and Interviewer asked me for Client letter, I forwarded the Offer Letter which my employer has given me.
Interviewer Particularly asked which Client u work, I was tensed and I mentioned Client A,
it was lot of confusion.
I did not mention Client B as I was working as temporary resource and My employer never told me that your RFE was filed with Client B.

Interviewer took a written statement, where you working for Client A and how long have you been with your employer.

Issued 221 g, requesting for client letter. which my employer provided on Client B.
This morning requested for copy of petition will all supporting documents as filed with USCIS.

--------- how strong is my case to get approved ----------

As I have given them statement, is that which might give them an evidence to DENY

Please share your thoughts.

Well, it is tricky. Depending on how your petition was filed by your employer, they are required to filed amendments as needed. You can see that new H1B rules for third party worksites indicate some of the changes and new rules. Work with your attorney and clearly understand the situation how they filed your petition and if all updates were done as needed with USCIS, if any changes. If Consulate officer believes, something was not done right, they may ask for more info and reasons and then take decision based on that…It is tricky and not in your control…

On Friday Morning, 3rd May. I have got an email requesting for W2 form for 2018. I have sent it and hope its positive.

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Hope it comes out positive. Good luck ! Do update the thread, if anything changes.

Uscis officers visited my work place this week and had a look around the office, asked few questions about me and documents from the company. The staff said, everything looked positive from their end.
So, how long does it take to change in status (hope positive) after verification.
Thank you