Understanding the rules of USCIS for H1 Visa holders to enroll in full time course in USA

I am full time employee from an Indian MNC and currently working in USA on the client location holding H1-B visa. I am very much interested in doing MBA by competing Graduate Record Examination(GRE) from here(USA). So could please help me in clarifying my below doubts:

  1. Can I enroll in any full time MBA program in USA holding H1-B? If yes then whether my H1 visa is still valid for 6 years or it will not be counted as I have been enrolled in full time course

  2. Shall I take F-1 visa to enroll into MBA program even though I am holding H1 visa. If yes then whether my H1 will be still valid after successfully completing my Masters degree.

  3. If I successfully compete my GRE exam, do I need to go back to India and get the F-1 visa stamped and then travel back to USA.

Thanks in Advance.

  1. If you enroll in Full time MBA program, you may have to change your status to F1 visa. You need to discuss with the DSO at the school for your options. Your H1B Clock will tick when you are on F1 visa. So, when you move back to H1B Status, then your H1B clock starts again. Essentially, you dont lose any time on H1B.

  2. Yes, you can. You apply for a change of status from H1B to F1. Yes, it will be valid.

  3. No, need to do that. You can do a Change of Status in USA itself.