Unable to Retrieve DS160

Hi, I opened my application a week ago, however my internet stopped working as I was filling out the personal information (page1). I booked my appointment with the application ID I got, now that I need to retrieve my information, the portal gives the following error:

  • First 5 letters of Surname has not been completed.
  • Year of Birth has not been completed.

Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks for the help in advance.

Dis you save a local copy? You can contact VFS and ask if there is a way to retrieve this. Otherwise you can also create another DS-160.


Thanks a lot Kalpesh. Unfortunately, I do not have the local copy. I think since the first page is not saved properly, the system has not stored my Surname and Date of Birth. So I tried to leave it blank or type in N/A, but no luck :(. Thanks for sharing the contact info. I will follow up with them. I am just worried if I do another DS160 (which the number will not match the one I booked the appointment with), it puts my appointment at risk. Are you aware of any risk there?

This is not an issue. After you fill out the new DS160, just call VFS and provide the new number. They will update in the appointment. When you go for appointment, carry confirmation page from both old and new DS160.