UAE employer or USA H1B?

Got 17 years experience in IT. H1B is in process and is expected this August or September2021 from UAE. Got very got job offer for one company at UAE which is equivalant to 9500$/- monthly here at UAE.
Question: Would it be wise to resign from present employer and loosing H1B petition (present organization will not share petition number) and join UAE company which is 9500$ monthly?
Would it be wise to refuse offer and continue waiting H1B result (Still not confirmed if H1B approved for me or not as expected by Aug/Sep2021).
Do you think loosing such good offer at UAE (Dubai) which is in hand and waiting for H1B which is still not confirmed would be a good choice.

Present employer with whom H1B is applied is Indian company and I am working on deputation here at UAE.

please guide dears, as i have to confirm back offer in next 2 days.


You are the best judge of any important decisions of your life and family! No one else know your situation better than yourself. :slight_smile:

That being said, the quality of life could be equally good at both Dubai and the US but the US has better college education if you have children who will go to college in near future.

If it is the money as your priority, do some research on the US tax laws and based on the state your H1B job will be, you can calculate approximate federal & state tax liability. Not to forget other deductions like SSN, Medicare and Health insurance from your paycheck. So your take home pay could be anywhere from 20 to 40% less than your gross salary.

If you are thinking about moving to employment based green card in the US in future, you need to know that there is a long wait time for Indians and the whole process can be very stressful and complex. However if you are a manager in your current position, your company can file L1A instead of H1B and you can get green card in 2 to 3 years.

Also career wise, there could be much more opportunities in the US as IT is in high demand.

Lastly, if you have your greater family back in India, it will be easy to fly back from Dubai than the US.

At the end of the day, it should be solely you and your family’s decision for such a big change like moving to the US.