Two weeks before OCT 1 deadline, received RFE notice...

Submitted my application April 13th, 2012 (to California). Heard nothing for months until finally my lawyer called to check up today, and was informed that my case has been marked RFE.

First, I was shocked that they waited until two weeks before the visa is supposed to go into effect to inform us. I'm on a J-1 that expires October 5th, so now I'm going to have to go home and wait for this to clear up.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Under regular processing, approx. how long does it take for them to reach a decision after I submit the evidence (still have not received the letter clarifying what evidence they need). I'm considering upgrading to Premium Processing just to ensure it doesn't take another half a year... is that worth doing?


Thanks for your help!

Well, there is no general processing time for RFEs, it depends on the case and would be hard to generalize. Upgrading to premium is a better idea.