Two Step Visa process (OFC+Consular) any experiences?

Hi All,

Has anyone attended a visa interview since the two-step visa process kicked in? Can someone share their experience?


  • At what stage can you see the available dates for “OFC” appointment date, and select them?

  • At what stage are both dates confirmed?

I’d like to get dates in the first week of Jan 2013, but at the point in time, no dates are available for the consular appointment.

Any details are appreciated. Thank you.

  • Sai Srikantham

Yes, I have attended the two-step visa interview process. Perhaps, thousands others also.

	You will see available dates for OFC after paying the VISA fees, and selecting the main interview date.

	I guess both dates are confirmed after choosing the OFC date.

I got my preferred date at the first attempt, so I can only guess that you need to keep checking till your preferred date opens up.

An experience shared on the blog by one of the interviewees -