Two H1B application from different employers


I have few questions on filing multiple h1 b through two different employers

  1. is it legal to file two or more h1b petitions for same person through different employers

  2. what if there is a lottery because of peititions exceeding 65000 and say both peititons not selected in lottery,will both the emplyers get the refund

  3. what if both the peitions get selected in lottery ,will they considered within 65000 and only 64998 will be left

  4. will there be any problem in visa interview or any where else in US

can you please clarify



  1. Yes, but from different employers

  2. Yes, except attorney fee

  3. Both are counted if both selected

  4. No problem, its legal

Thanks a lot and one more last question:
in general what would be the cost to employer and what will be the refund if the petition is not selected in lottery

say my employer is US employer has around 50 people

Check below

What will happen if both the application are selected. Will they reject both