Travelling with valid h1b stamp but also have an approved h4 cos


I have a valid h1b Visa stamp valid till 10-Mar-2017.

Since its my 6th year on h1b, I have an approved H4 and EAD. Both approved and valid from 1-Jan-17.

Can I travel out of US to Mexico via air and return by on 10-Jan-17 using my valid H1b stamp or will that cause problems because I have a valid H4 change of status petition valid from 1-Jan-17.

Really appreciate if someone could answer this question and unlike USCIS questions, port of entry questions are difficult to get answers.

Lot of confusion.

  1. Are you currently holding valid H1 OR H4 OR both? (I know you had an EAD also)

  2. Why do you want to get your H1B stamped? What you are going to do with your H4 after? On what status you want to be on after entering into US from Mexico?