Travelling to India when H1B is expired and extension is in process

Hello Everyone,

My H1B is expiring in June, My employer is filing for extension. Considering the current situations, I am not sure how long it is going to take for renewal to be approved/rejected.

My problem is I have to travel to India in August for my marriage.

If I dont have any result by August, Can I travel to India? Some are saying that, we can not travel until result comes.Is it true?

If I travel to india without any result, What will be consequenses. I will be struck in India until result comes?

How long it will take for the result to come?



To return to US you need a valid petition and visa stamp. I assume the visa stamp also expires in June along w/ the petition.

So you will have to wait for new petition, then get new visa stamp and finally return to US on that.

Thanks for you reply…
Some people are saying that, the application for extension will be voided if I travel out of US. Is it true ? I hope its not.

My employer is filing for extension next week. My VISA expires in June and I have to travel to India in Aug.
How long it may possibly take to get the result for my extension…

Extension consists of 2 parts - 797 and I-94. The former would continue to be processed while latter would be abandoned. Once you leave US and extension is pending, they would process it w/ consular processing option.