Travelling to India to get H1B stamp

I came to US on F1 visa in August 2011 and traveled back to India in May 2013 before I graduate.

I worked on OPT from August 2013 to September 2014, I’m working on H1B from october 2014 and I have my project till April 2016 . I’m with same client (it’s state client) throughout and with EVC model. My H1b is valid till September 2017.

My mother is visiting me for July 2015 to Dec 2015, I’m planning to go back to India along with her in Dec 2015 to get my H1B visa stamped .

Is it advisable to travel along with my mother and after one year H1B is approved ?

Highly appreciated

Well, many travel outside of US to get their H1B Visa stamped after a year or two sometimes after the approval. It is pretty common, there is nothing to be concerned. Having said that, there is never any guarantee that you will get your visa stamped as it depends on many factors. Typically everything should be straightforward, but as I said there is no guarantee, you need to take a calculated risk.