Travelling outside the country during H1b processing


I have an approved h4 extension. I have filed H1b(regular processing, COS) through Vermont center and they received my application on april 20th. Now I have to travel to India on 21st of June - 22 july for personal reasons. My questions are

  1. Is it ok to travel during the H1b processing?

2.whats the probabily that they will open my case during this time ?

3.what will happen if they open? And

  1. Did anyone get approval who applied through Vermont center regular processing?

Thanks in advance!!!

Your COS would be abandoned if you leave US while the petition is pending. Your H-1 will still be processed and if approved will be done w/o COS. You can return on your H-4 visa and file COS later. The other option is to get H-1 visa stamped in home country and return on H-1 after Sep 20th.

Thanks for the reply Saurabh!!! One more query : What is the applicable fee for applying COS again.

Around $325, not including attorney fees.

So is it advisable to travel to India at this point of time??? is it a pure risk?

Its pure risk my friend. No one knows. Even with approved H1, people end up waiting for months if they get a 221(g) while processing. So, its luck.