Travelling out of US on H4 once h1b filed

I had been staying in US on H4 and had applied for H1B on April 1st.

After the application,before the lotttery results were out i had to travel to India.

I travelled to india on April 12th.My petition has been picked in lottery with the receipt date as April 13th.I would be travelling back to US on H4 before my application would be approved.

After approval am planning to do COS to H1

My question is,

1.Since my petition receipt date was after my Travel Date,will i still be able to apply for COS to H1 after the approval or will it go for consular processing?

2.After i travel back to US while petition goes to RFE,to avoid cos abandoning,will it be possible to submit my new i94 ?

3.How are the chances for Stamping in India and COS in US?

Any legal advice is appreciated.Thanks in Advance