Travelling on H4


My wife is on her H4 visa and she is applying for her h1b this year. Is it fine if she travels from Feb end to March 25th?

She is applying for her H1 with the current I-94, but when she returns she will have a new I-94. Is it fine to have applied with an old I-94 or is there something needed to be done?



She is good to travel after filing her H1 petition. No worries about I-94. Its alright to use the current I-94 and travel while petition is pending.

Thanks for your reply. Does it matter if I apply her H1 while she is in India? Also after she comes back do I need to send the updated i-94?

Read my reply again, She better file her H1 before leaving out of US since it would be considered as Change of Status(this is good compared to have her to file her H1 and get stamped from outside US). You dont need to update I-94 to anyone, its all automated now.