Travelling on H4 visa without H1 holder joining us

Hi Sourabh,

I will be on H4 visa from October this year, currently on L2 visa staying in USA as my husbands H1B petetion has been approved . My question is can I travel to india without him joining us and while returning back get the stamping done. Is it ok to travel or there is prabality of rejection. What do you suggest ?

So you want to go for H-4 stamping alone while your husband stays in US for his status to change from L-1 to H-1, correct?

Your stamping should not be impacted by the fact that he didn’t get his visa stamped. However, you may still be asked questions related to his H-1 employment irrespective of whether he has H-1 stamp or not.

When do you plan to travel and return to US?

Hi Sourabh,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes, he will be staying here in USA without stamping done on his passport while we want to go next year probably June and come back by August.