Travelling on F1 after applying for H1B in April

Hi Everyone,

I am a full-time F1 student (not on OPT) applying for H1b in April. I need to travel overseas in June for couple of weeks. I am not sure if there could be any issues in Port-of-Entry as they may be able to see that I am both an active F1 student and my H1B might by under processing.

Therefore i am contemplating if I should apply for H1b this year and take the chance, or just work as a student, and try applying next year.

Help/Sugessions will be very very greatly appreciated as I am in tight corners to make a decision.

Kind Regards,


Assuming you are graduating some time soon, if you are applying Change Of Status from F1 to H1 with your petition it will get cancelled when you travel out of country and you will need to re-apply after you come back in. Talk to your lawyer about this, you can delay your COS application to sometime after your travel.

There would be no issues at POE, you need to have a valid visa and required documents. H1b under processing should not have any effect on your entry.

Raman, i really appreciate your response. It indeed gave me a good insight. I need to apply for an F1 visa renewal. I dont know if it will be safe to go to canada in a week and go for a visa interview, or go in june when i travel overseas.

I will be graduating by the end of the year and in the event of getting a h1, i will continue to complete my course.

Thanks very very much.