Travelling internationally while H1B pending

I am currently on H1B for a University (cap exempt). I found a new job in April for a company and my new employer filed the H1B 10 days ago (I have the receipt and made it through the cap). I am still working for the university until October and my visa is still valid. The attorney said that I should not travel internationally while my case is pending. Why is that? My H1B with the university is still valid and I am still working there, what could be the problem?

Thank you!

I think that’s BS. You are legally employed currently under your old H1B so there shouldn’t be a reason not to travel. It’s different when you’re filing for AOS and need advance parole etc.

If you travel internationally, then your H-1 petition would be processed and approved w/o I-94. That could be the reason they are discouraging you from travelling outside of US.

Hi Saurabh, could you please explain that? What do you mean “processed w/o I-94”? What would be the consequence of that? My other Visa is valid until November 30, 2012 and I will remain employed at the university until the end of September.