travelling India for Druring h4 transfer


I have a situation here please help me. I came to us On H4 dependent visa in June 2016 then my spouse changes her company and she got her H1b approved but my h4 approval has not come yet.

Another piece is I also have h1 approved and I am going to India for stamping.

My question is if unfortunately I didn’t get h1 stamping then can I come back to us on the h4 applied by my spouse previous employer? My H4 with my spouse previous employer is approved till 2018.

Or I have to go for h4 stamping for the new employer?


If your H1 gets denied. you may come with your current H4 visa. H4 visas are tied to your spouses H1, not related to any company. How many ever company your spouse changes, you can use the valid visa on your passport to enter USA.