Travelling during OPT- while filed of H1-B

Hi Gurus!

I’m applying for April 2013 H1-B, My Stem OPT Expires on Dec’2013.

The problem: I have to travel to India during May 2nd week for marriage and should be back in less than a week. People have told me not to travel during change of status.
Also can i come back on OPT as my OPT expires on Dec 2013 or do I have to go for stamping while I come back?

Have the H-1 filed w/ premium processing. Once your H-1 gets approved w/ COS prior to May 2nd week, you can return on F-1/OPT and still be on H-1 from Oct 1. As COS is approved for a future date, it will not become ineffective b/c of your travel. Do not travel while COS is pending, or it will be abandoned (like you have been told by others).

You can travel on OPT which is expiring in Dec 2013. Carry the necessary documents to show your degree completion, OPT employment and have the I-20 card endorsed for travel.

What visa will your spouse be travelling on?