Travelling back to India in case of COS

I am in weird situation. I am already in USA on L2 visa which is expiring on Oct 2016 and my H1B has been approved and my status would be changed automatically Oct 2016 onward.

I am planning to travel to India in Dec 2016 for visa stamping purpose. Now when i am trying to book flight tickets, they are asking visa information like visa number, visa issued date etc.

In my case what i need to give because my current visa is expiring in 2 days and i don’t have H1B visa number and all that yet.

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What airline is this, which is asking this information? Is it mandatory to enter this information?

On a separate note: Did you schedule the visa appointment for your H-1B? There is a backlog and unavailability of dates in India.

Air India is asking this much information. There is some new rule came in place that all the air line companies needs to inform about travelling information to Transportation Security Administration (TSA). You can go through below URL:

But i managed somehow and booked my tickets finally.

And yeah i have already scheduled my H1B visa stamping dates.