Traveling to US on previous I797

Hi All

I had an I797 approval copy for work location Jersey City. Last September we got a amendment filed for Pheonix and got the H1b stamping done. I couldn’t travel to Pheonix and now I am switching back to Jersey City for the earlier client (same work location address) . Can I use the previous I797 copy for my travel or should we use a new amendment I797 copy for the travel ?



Anyone please answer this question asap.

You do not need a new H1B every time you fill amendment/change employer, unless its is expired. You can have H1B Visa stamped with one company’s name and I-797 of another company. If both are not expired/revoked when you enter US then you should be good. You can have multiple valid I-797 under your name.

If your Jersey City’s I-797 is not revoked just use that. I would suggest carrying both I-797s and explaining to the Immigration officer if there is any issue. If s/he is new they might not get it but explain your case and s/he will get some senior officer who will let you pass.

This is what I am not sure about. When H-1 is amended from location A to location B, does it mean that employee can now work at either A or B; or employee can now only work at B.

If former, then he can still use the previous 797. If not, then a new amendment needs to be filed.

Raghavender check your company attorney to be safe. Nowdays a amendment is filing new LCA and H1-B petition. I am not sure if is same as filing a new H1-B petition when you move to different company.