Traveling on OPT After H1B Approval Without COS

Got my H1B approval without COS. I am currently on OPT (valid from Feb 2013 through Feb 2014). I am currently employed and would like to travel international between Aug 23 to Sept 02.

My question is, is it safe for me to travel and re-enter the US (before Oct) with my unexpired OPT, employment verification and I20 documents? Again, my H1B petition did not request for COS and I have a valid OPT (not cap-gap).


My travel date is real close. So would appreciate a qucik response.

Technically, you can travel and re-enter US with your OPT card. Read this article : Travel outside US with OPT Approved from University of Michigan. Please talk to your DSO and get advice on your travel. Many consider it as unsafe to travel during your OPT period, but I have seen some of our readers traveled on OPT and return sucessfully. Talk to few people and take wise decision.

Hi Shilpa! Could you please advice what you did in that situation? Is it safe to travel on CPT/OPT with an apprved yet not in effect H1B??

I would really appreciate