Travel to USA - Switch from H1B Sponsor to other employer

Currently working with Company A and got the H1B stamped in the same company.

Now Company A is not providing opportunity to travel to USA and looking to switch to Company B which can employ me in USA.

But How I can travel to USA with the Company A’s sponsored Visa stamped?

Is it required to go for stamping through company B ?

What are the documents I need to carry if I can travel to US with current stamped Visa?

I dont think you need to go for stamping if the visa with employer A is still valid. But you need to have an approved transfer notice to employer B with you before you can travel. Confirm with your company lawyer before you travel.

Thanks for the Info Sir.
Also Is it possible for Company B to Initiate my H1B Transfer when I am in India with the Valid Company A’s valid H1B?

Yes, they can file cap-exempt petition for you using A’s petition. Its ok for not to be inside US.