Travel to US query

Hi Guys,

I work for Tcs,India. Last year i have applied for H1B visa for client A and got the visa approved after RFE this year. But i was unable to travel to client A. So my company gave me client B matching my skillset. So i have applied for amendment to client B. But now my amendment request also have gone to RFE. I am yet to respond to RFE for client B. Now can i travel to USA from India and work for client B and respond to my RFE query from USA ?

  1. In short, I have an approved petition (LCA) to work for client A and my new LCA request to work for client B is in RFE. Now can i travel to US from INDIA and work for client B and respond to RFE query from US.

  2. What is the cost to upgrade my RFE for amendment to client B in premium processing ?